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Storage and Replication Solution

  • Back up and Recovery  – Online & Schedule Backup, Restore and DR Solution for servers, laptops and Desktop
  • File Archiving and Mail Archiving
  • De Duplication Solution: backup and recovery solutions utilize patented global data deduplication technology to identify redundant data at the source, minimizing backup data before it is sent over the LAN/WAN
  • Replication – Online replication on LAN or WAN
  • SAN Solution – Offers SAN solution with networking options include both Fiber Channel and iSCSI configurations (and solutions).
  • NAS Solution – Windows 2003 Storage Edition Powered Solution
  • LTO Device Tape Libraries and Auto Loaders

Data Security and compliance

  • Anti virus and anti spyware Solution – Desktop and server level solution for anti virus and anti spyware with single web based admin GUI.
  • Anti Spam and Content Filtering Solution – Gateway level solution for anti spam, anti virus, content inspection and URL Filtering.
  • UTM Solution - An integrated appliance based solution for Firewall, IPS/ IDS, VPN, anti spam, anti virus, content inspection and URL Filtering at Gateway solution
  • IP VPN and SSL VPN solution – Site to Site, Site to client and client less VPN Solution
  • Vulnerability Management Solution - A powerful integrated vulnerability assessment and automated patch management sol.
  • End Point Security Solution – Device control and application software.
  • Bandwidth Management Solution: Ensure optimum application performance by monitoring network traffic across the WAN.

Enterprise Management

  • Identity and Access Management – Centralize and automate your users' identity life cycle—creation, modification and deletion—and ensure that only authorized users can access your critical IT resources.
  • Desktop Management – It helps ensure the optimum configuration of desktops in your IT environment with automated features that provide continuous and active discovery, change monitoring, software and patch distribution, remote support for end-users, data protection and targeted reporting.
  • Network and Performance Management - Reduce the complexity of — and costs to acquire and manage — multiple tools with integrated fault and performance management of LANs, WANs and IP telephony and legacy voice networks.


  • Server Consolidation – Modern servers are much more powerful and can carry the load of many virtual machines instead of running a single OS on a single server that is mostly idle.
  • Desktop Virtualization – Using virtual machines and relevant solutions to serve a number of desktop environment needs: running multiple OS simultaneously on the same hardware, hosting multiple virtual desktop environments on a single server, improve high availability of desktop environment by hosting virtual desktops in datacentre withfailover capabilities between servers, maintain secure access and simplify management of multiple desktop environments.

I T Infrastructure Solutions

  • Design and Deployment of Network Infrastructure - Network Systems are the foundation for the services and applications you need to realize the potential of your business. Providing secure, but unconstrained, connectivity between your digital assets.
  • Wired & Wireless Networks: Wireless solutions provide secure access to network resources and applications to help you increase productivity and responsiveness.
  • Server and Desktop: All kinds of server which includes blade servers, rack mountable server – both CISC and RISC based solution.
  • Software Package: The software includes Microsoft, Adobe, oracle etc.

Communication Services

  • Internet Services: The solution includes bandwidth, ILL, MPLS and other type of communication services for data, voice and video.
  • Data Center and Co location: The hosting capabilities integrate directly into our global IP network to offer maximum traffic capacity into and out of our facilities. The global data centers are centrally managed to provide consistent service delivery, allowing you to scale seamlessly as your needs develop.

RFID Based Solution

  • Asset Tracking: The RFID tags are very useful for asset identification, ownership allocation, location tracking, preventive maintenance records, calibration, warranty and vendor information. The same RFID tag is used for mandatory stock taking process to be automated  which will help in eliminating human dependency in identification process.
  • Supply Chain Management: Supply chains is very crucial in any manufacturing unit. The Absence of real-time data leads to poor visibility which have an impact on the decision-making process. The RFID technology helps manufacturers and retailers can go beyond traditional barcode identification, fortifying visibility with better data granularity and more timely updates. So the RFID-based supply chain helps in continuous monitoring, thus improving the whole system by using all the available data.
  • Library Management: The RFID based library system i.e. tagging books with RFID tags helps in automated circulation (self check-out and check-in), EAS(Electronic Article Surveillance), stock taking and searching of the books. The  students/ patrons access rights and identification  can also be controlled by the RFID system.
Dec 2015
Strategic Alliance with Oracle
Oct 2015
Strategice Alliance with CyberArk








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