What is Unified Threat Management?

Unified threat management (UTM) is an approach to information security where a single hardware or software installation provides multiple security functions. This contrasts with the traditional method of having point solutions for each security function.

UTM simplifies information-security management by providing a single management and reporting point for the security administrator rather than managing multiple products from different vendors.

UTM appliances have quickly gained in popularity,[when?] partly because the all-in-one approach simplifies installation, configuration and maintenance.[citation needed] Such a setup saves time, money and people when compared to the management of multiple security systems.

Features Of UTM are:-

1. Network Firewall
2. Intrusion Detection
3. Intrusion Prevention
4. Gateway Antivirus
5. Application Layer Firewall and Control
6. Web Proxy and Content Filtering
7. Data Loss Prevention(DLP)
8. Security Information and Event Management(SIEM)
9. Virtual Private Network
10. Network tarpit

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